Newly available "Lawn"

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We have started handling new brands.

Lawn⁡ _
⁡A knitting brand by singer-songwriter Kamin Shirahata . ⁡
⁡The studs sticking out from the soft knitting give it a girly feel. ⁡⁡

Come to think of it, BBABB6 has never sold overhead items such as headdresses (lol)⁡
⁡, chokers, bralettes, mini bags, etc. are now in stock.
It is not available in the online shop yet, so please contact us for details.

We are now offering a new brand.


A knitting brand by singer/songwriter Kamin Shiranha.

The studs sticking out crisply from the soft knitted fabric exude a girly quality that is anything but straightforward.

Speaking of which, BBABB6 has never before handled overhead items such as headdresses.
In addition, chokers, bralettes, and mini bags are now in stock.
Please contact us for more details.


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