23FW migh-T by Kumiko Watari 入荷しました。

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migh-T by Kumiko Watari の2023秋冬物が色々入荷しています。
今シーズンのテーマは "Mighty heroes "
migh-T by Kumiko Watari's 2023 Fall/Winter collection is now in stock.

2023年 秋冬コレクション 『強い主人公たち』

AW23 collection  “Mighty Heroes”
I admire heroes with strong hearts in fairy tales and our daily lives. A unicorn mother walks through the snow with
her unicorn child. A mermaid with a strong soul beneath the beautiful, glittering shell on her chest. Everyone has a
different style and being different makes life fun - remember to always cooperate. Together we can be strong.


Fluffy and comfortable knitwear and beautiful dresses and skirts with shimmering fabrics and embroidery await you in the store.


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