BBABB6's Little Charity T-Shirt Fair - 2022

From the creators who are indebted to BBABB6 to the children around them, various people have provided designs, and about 30 types of T-shirts will be exhibited in the Kumagusuku gallery, and T-shirts will be sold on a made-to-order basis. I will.

For each T-shirt sold, 400 yen ~ will be donated to an organization that conducts medical support activities across borders in conflict areas around the world, including Ukraine.

At the same time as online, we will hold an exhibition event at Kyoto Kumagusuku 1F Gallery.

July 23: Apology The color of the ash and oatmeal was significantly different from the actual product, so the product image has been corrected.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to those who have placed an order or are considering it.

If you are considering it, please check the page of the target product again.

BBABB6's Little Charity T-Shirt Fair - 2022

About the exhibition event

Venue: Kumagusuku 1F Gallery in Omiya, Kyoto
and BBABB6 online shop

Date: July 20th (Wednesday) to 31st (Sunday), 2022 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

The online shop accepts orders until August 31st (Wednesday).

Participating Creators

Aiko Ishikawa/Shiho Ukaji (NAKED CRYSTAL)/osayu/Tomoki Kakitani/Michiko Kakitani/Kazuya Kitaura/Chiaki Shuji/Tomoko Sota (Miyama Mishin)/Nekochiyori/Tomei/migh-T (Kumiko Watari)/Takeshi Moto ( Takeshi Yoroi, Takeshi Sniper, etc.) / Haruka Yagi / Raku Pit (Raku Pit Channel) / There may be others.

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