Crivotera Socks Jagged Gray

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Jagged patterns and lame lines accent the chic colors.
Mercerized cotton that can express delicate colors is very moist and comfortable to wear.
There are also different colors.

Size: Free (22.5~24.5)
Material: 57% cotton, 38% nylon, 3% polyester, 2% polyurethane
made in Japan

Tights and socks brand by Kuri Yorigami, who has roots in sculpting in Kyoto and studying textile design in the Netherlands. Since 2011, we have set up a design atelier in Paris and are producing in a Japanese factory with advanced technology. Based in Kyoto since 2019, they are creating attractive products one after another in a new atmosphere.
There is an extraordinary commitment to materials, color patterns, and quality, and the beautiful colors and patterns that you can enjoy with your eyes, and the comfort you can feel when you try them on, are a gem that you will want to wear carefully without being caught up in trends.