Miyama Sewing Machine/Tomoko Soda Fluffy Bag Small Mochi

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It's called a pera-pera bag, but it's really solid and has a mysterious texture, and even the strings that look unreliable are very strong.
The vivid lemon yellow inside is sure to be an accent to your coordination just by hanging it over a simple outfit.
There are other friends with unique names such as “Kagi” and “Kome”.

Color: Light purple

width 14cm
Height 19cm
Overall length including string 79 cm

Ms. Soda, also known as Miyama Sewing Machine, creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects using a method that is different from weaving or knitting. It's cute with a soft texture and a pop of color, but it's actually incredibly sturdy. This unique technique creates three-dimensional objects such as hats and objects in simple shapes, as well as bags and accessories in beautiful colors that can be used as accents for coordination. In addition, people with cute names such as "Pera Pera Bag", "Poco", "Picha", and "Mochi" will raise their mood.