Kazuya Kitaura on the Daruma

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A bear is on top of the Daruma.
And the bear has a mysterious pose with the back of its hand facing forward (Urameshiya~?)
And the eyes of the daruma have not yet entered. .

It's a strange composition, but it's unique to Mr. Kitaura that you can see it without discomfort.
If you welcome your guests in the living room or at the entrance, it will be an unexpected conversation starter.

The back is also nice.

Material: Wood (Kusunoki)
35cm high
Width 8.5cm
Depth 13cm

This item is a work of art, so if possible, we recommend picking it up at the store.

Kazuya Kitaura

A wood carving artist living in Osaka. At first glance, his wood carvings are modern pieces that seem to have popped up in three dimensions as they were, but on closer inspection, he combines motifs that seem to have no inevitability in others, strange poses, and works. There are a lot of hooks such as goofy expressions that allow each viewer to create an amusing story. From a Kansai point of view, it is a fun work that is "full of pitfalls".