Hon Natural Food Store Tulsi Distilled Water

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Hon Natural Food Store Tulsi Distilled Water

Items from "Hon Natural Foods Store" that handle all kinds of things that give you energy by Takeshi Moto.

Slowly distilled homemade tulsi (holy basil) is tightly packed in an easy-to-use and beautiful spray bottle. ⁡⁡

In addition to refreshing with a single blow, it has various other benefits such as repelling insects, reducing hay fever symptoms, and eczema (see postscript). Definitely one! It is an item.
⁡The lovely label is by Midori Tsuchiya. ⁡

Below is from @ippuku_ya Tomomi who is manufactured.
Tulsi Tulsi, an adaptogen herb that is indispensable in modern times.

Tulsi means "without proportion" in Sanskrit.

Since ancient times, Tulsi has been revered as sacred for 5,000 years.
In the West, there is another name called "Holy Basil" because of the many benefits of Tulsi.

Tulsi reduces stress, improves stamina, boosts immunity and prevents chronic diseases.

Tulsi has electrical energy, absorbs radiation and is the only plant that emits ozone.

Tulsi is also used as an insect repellent.
It kills bacteria and infections and is effective against skin irritations.

Anti-cancer properties have been demonstrated, with bacterial studies showing that people who consume tulsi daily are less likely to develop immunodeficiency and develop fewer cancer cells.

It has also been found to help treat damage caused by radiation therapy.

Tulsi is said to have many benefits.
★Relief from stress★Hypothyroidism★Restores normal blood sugar level★Prevents acne★Reduces coughs and asthma★Reduces symptoms of hay fever★Dermatitis★Prevents colds★Indigestion★Rhinitis★Hormonal balance Restores normal values ​​★Cancer prevention ★Migraine ★Prevention of tooth decay and alveolar pyorrhea ★Malaria ★Bronchiitis ★Dysentery ★Diarrhea ★Eyes disease ★Prevention of liver dysfunction

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This is a natural food that handles all things that give you energy.
The products they produce include rice, tulsi, soybeans, red beans, cowpeas, seasonal vegetables, and makomo.
Processed products such as puffed rice cakes, rice cakes, tea, miso, soy sauce, pickles, and tea are produced from these cultivated agricultural products.
We sell 3-year bancha and Tulsi tea.
We also roast coffee and open a cafe MOTTO in front of the Miyakonojo City Museum of Art. (currently dormant)
There are tea making department, sheet metal department, cafe department, agriculture department, music department, library department, art department, etc. We are doing research and practice to improve immunity every day.


According to the official profile 'Born in 1980/Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture/Staying with a certain person/Began apprenticeship as a truck driver and sheet metal craftsman at this sheet metal shop/Began making sheet metal dustpans/Armor Making Takeshi's armor / Undergoing organic farming training in Mie and Kagoshima prefectures / Starting a natural food store / Mr. Hyottoko appears / Sheet metal sniper Takeshi emerges / Tengu star emerges

In that sense, he is someone who doesn't really know what he's doing.
By the way, he is also active in the hardcore hyottoko music unit called 'Western Japan', and is good at percussion instruments.

So please check out Mr. Mototake's homepage, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.

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Youtube Channel: Manager Takeshi

Instagram: Hon Natural Food Store