Rina Kurihara Catalog Ich bin zu Hause, du bist draußen.

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Ich bin zu Hause, du bist draußen.

A catalog of works by Rina Kurihara, an artist living in Germany.

The installation work, which combines red-based fabrics and translucent materials with careful drawings, is delivered from the whole to the details.
As you turn the pages, invisible existences will appear in front of you.

Size: H21xW21cm

20 pages (including front and back covers)

Rina Kurihara

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1983.
2009 Graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts.
Since 2016, he has studied under Prof. Marcel van Eeden at Kunstakademie Karslruhe.
In 2021, he won a scholarship (Graduierten-Stipendium) provided by the State of Baden-Württemberg for graduates of the State University of Fine Arts.

Currently living in Karlsruhe, Germany.