Shuji Chiaki Brooch Otome-chan

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Shuji Chiaki Brooch Otome-chan

The brooch has a dazzling glitter that can't be fully conveyed in the photo (sorry).

If you attach it to a chic bag or coat, it will make you look gorgeous all at once.

The brooch mounting paper also comes in a case with an original silk screen print, so you can display it as it is.

Accessories that are packed with artist's designs are rare items that are hard to find.


[Width] 6.5cm [Height] 11.5cm

Materials: cotton, beads, lace, and other cases.

Shuji Chiaki

As an artist based in Kyoto, she creates high-quality works both domestically and internationally. Her works contain a unique psychedelic world in which "prayer" and "yumekawa (*1)" sparkle. increase.

Masks and accessories that are produced as wearable works are also packed with a unique world with uncompromising quality. 2005 Kyoto City Art Newcomer Award

Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts (Printmaking)
(*1 Abbreviation for Yumekawaii, dream-like fancy and cute visuals)