BBABB6 hot spring towel

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Towels to wrap around your neck in the summer are hot, whether they are high-end towels or organic ones.

It's a bit of a naname opinion, but in the summer, the owner of the neck towel school is particular about the hot spring towel that is perfect for wrapping your neck.
Of course, it is also very active in hot springs.
Baba's memorandum logo and mark are printed on both ends in bright orange.
Now you are also a member of BBABB6 town.

This logo is actually a “slightly angry lady with a perm”! I asked Mr. Tomoki Kakitani to design it based on a very difficult request.
Mr. Kakiya, in fact, Johnny Kutchi of the legendary upside-down hanging band " Antigravity Johnny " known to those in the know.