migh-T by Kumiko Watari Lobster Knit Vest Blue

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might-T Lobster Knit Vest Blue

A knitted vest with motifs such as lobster, wine, and fruits that decorate the dining table. Knitted with a very light, spondaneous puffy yarn.

Body: 80% wool, 20% nylon
Size: one size Length: 58 cm Width: 50 cm

might-T by Kumiko Watari

An apparel brand by Kumiko Watari, who studied dyeing and weaving at an art university in Kyoto and fashion textiles at St. Martin's in London. The brand started in London in 2008 and moved to Osaka in 2013 to produce high-quality clothes made in Japan. The focus is on the “fun patterns” that fully demonstrate the abilities of the textile designer, and the cute motifs scattered here and there that will make you smile. It is a piece of artwork that can be worn regardless of season, trend, or age.