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Silk screen printing on galvalume steel plate

Josef Beuys as Felt Mototakeshi as Galvalume

On-galvanized when it is ON to Galvanic.

The cool illustration of the Cosmo full tank is by Tomohiko Maebara, also known as Hikograph.

Size: (Large) 37.5 x 26 cm
(Small) 27×27 cm


According to the official profile "Born in 1980 / Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture / Living with a certain person / Began apprenticeship as a truck driver and sheet metal craftsman at this sheet metal shop / Began making sheet metal dustpans / Armor Making Takeshi's armor / Undergoing organic farming training in Mie and Kagoshima prefectures / Starting a natural food store / Mr. Hyottoko appears / Sheet metal sniper Takeshi emerges / Tengu star emerges

In that sense, he is someone who doesn't really know what he's doing.
By the way, he is good at percussion instruments, and is sometimes active in a hardcore hyottoko music unit called “Saihi”.

So please check out Mr. Mototake's homepage, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.

home page

Youtube Channel: Manager Takeshi

Instagram: Hon Natural Food Store