Postcard Yoroi Takeshi

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Postcard Yoroi Takeshi

What is Yoroi Takeshi?
To put it very simply, it may be just a cosplay by Mototakeshi.

Dressed in his "self-made armor" (made of brass, which he calls "formal attire"), he dances, plays, works, and moves forward with a full tank of Cosmo.
High exposure.

Yoroi Takeshi interview is here (Note: I don't understand well even if I read it)

It is a postcard that collects such cool shots of him.
Variations against the background of the four seasons are also recommended as seasonal greetings.

Size: 10x14.8cm


According to the official profile 'Born in 1980/Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture/Staying with a certain person/Began apprenticeship as a truck driver and sheet metal craftsman at this sheet metal shop/Began making sheet metal dustpans/Armor Making Takeshi's armor / Undergoing organic farming training in Mie and Kagoshima prefectures / Starting a natural food store / Mr. Hyottoko appears / Sheet metal sniper Takeshi emerges / Tengu star emerges

In that sense, he is someone who doesn't really know what he's doing.
By the way, he is also active in the hardcore hyottoko music unit called 'Western Japan', and is good at percussion instruments.

So please check out Mr. Mototake's homepage, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc.

home page

Youtube Channel: Manager Takeshi

Instagram: Hon Natural Food Store