[T-Shirts Fair2022 Sample] Kazuya Kitaura Mikimon M

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[T-Shirts Fair2022 Sample] Kazuya Kitaura Mikimon M


A monster that came to investigate from a planet in outer space to invade Earth mimics the character "Mikimon" and tries to blend into people's hearts.

Eventually, he learned the meaning of joy and being loved by people, and became a monster working at a theme park to protect the earth from invaders.

Kazuya Kitaura

A wood carving artist living in Osaka. At first glance, his wood carvings are modern pieces that seem to have popped up in three dimensions as they were, but on closer inspection, he combines motifs that seem to have no inevitability in others, strange poses, and works. There are a lot of hooks such as goofy expressions that allow each viewer to create a pleasant story. From a Kansai point of view, it is a fun work that is "full of pitfalls".

He is good not only in wood carving but also in illustration, and his unique sense shines in the image he drew for the T-shirt fair.


BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair 2022

From the creators who are indebted to BBABB6 to the children around them, various people have provided designs, and about 30 types of T-shirts will be exhibited in the Kumagusuku gallery, and T-shirts will be sold on a made-to-order basis. I will.

For each T-shirt sold, 400 yen ~ will be donated to an organization that conducts medical support activities across borders in conflict areas around the world, including Ukraine.

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This T-shirt is a sample made for BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair.You cannot choose the size.