[T-Shirts Fair2022 Sample] Mototakeshi roof sheet metal J L Ash

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[T-Shirts Fair2022 Sample] Takeshi Mototake Yoroi Takeshi roof sheet metal J L Ash

roof sheet metal

Yoroi Takeshi on the sheet metal roof that I constructed. Blessed with good weather on this day, Cosmo is full.

Of course, it is on-the-roof with the owner's permission.

Actually, at this time, a session with the owner's pet dog, Boo-chan, was unfolding.
All members forward! ! !

Designed by Fujitama.

(Text: Yoroi Takeshi)

There is also a Japanese design of the roof sheet metal.


From official profile
"Born in 1980 / Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture / Lives with a certain person / Began apprenticeship as a truck driver and sheet metal craftsman at this sheet metal shop / Began making sheet metal dustpans / Takeshi's armor Making / Received training in organic farming in Mie and Kagoshima prefectures / Started a natural food store / Mr. Hyottoko appeared / Sheet metal sniper Takeshi appeared / Tengu star appeared

In that sense, he is someone who doesn't really know what he's doing. An artist who expresses “yo~wakaran” who escapes from various categorizations.

In BBABB6, it is treated as "maybe Joseph Beuys".


BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair 2022

From the creators who are indebted to BBABB6 to the children around them, various people have provided designs, and about 30 types of T-shirts will be exhibited in the Kumagusuku gallery, and T-shirts will be sold on a made-to-order basis. I will.

For each T-shirt sold, 400 yen ~ will be donated to an organization that conducts medical support activities across borders in conflict areas around the world, including Ukraine.

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This T-shirt is a sample made for BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair.You cannot choose the size.