[T-Shirts Fair2022 sample] Aiko Ishikawa Mandrake S

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[T-Shirts Fair2022 sample] Aiko Ishikawa Mandrake S


An image of a plant fairy.
On a sunny day with strong sunlight, the realism that the shape seems to change at any moment,
I drew how it stretches into the sky as if someone is pulling it with a strong force.

Aiko Ishikawa

I draw oil paintings and line drawings.
I usually run cafes and bars under the name of "Kissa Shibu Ohmiya".

When I draw, I try to connect the images that come to my mind intuitively.
For example, night walks, afterimages of dreams seen while napping, scenery of a flea market, and other small adventures in the continuation of everyday life stimulate curiosity.
When I paint, I am chasing the excitement of being able to connect to an unexpected world.


Born in Osaka in 1993.
In 2018, completed a master's course in oil painting at Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts.
He has held exhibitions such as “aurora” (kumagusuku/Kyoto/2021), “Playing with Monsters” (Gallery Keifu/Kyoto/2021), “Aiko Ishikawa Exhibition” (O Gallery eyes/Osaka/2019), “I Traced Ubiquitous Existence Composition” (EBISU ART LABO/Nagoya/2019). Awards include the Excellence Award at the 36th International Takifuji Art Award, and the Jury Encouragement Award at the 22nd Graphic "1_WALL" Graphic Division.

BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair 2022

From the creators who are indebted to BBABB6 to the children around them, various people have provided designs, and about 30 types of T-shirts will be exhibited in the Kumagusuku gallery, and T-shirts will be sold on a made-to-order basis. I will.

For each T-shirt sold, 400 yen ~ will be donated to an organization that conducts medical support activities across borders in conflict areas around the world, including Ukraine.

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This T-shirt is a sample made for BBABB6's little charity T-shirt fair.You cannot choose the size.